Movement Of Scientific
Rational Thinkers


While I am proud of being an atheist and a rationalist, I have had to, all my life, keep a low profile about my beliefs with family and relatives. Friends, I have had no issues.

Born into a moderately religious hindu family in South India, I was a staunch believer till I read a deeply analytical book about the way we think by Sheldon Kopp when I was about 22 years of age. Needless to say, this turned my world upside down. For a short period of time. Truth, it seems, always has such a calming effect and its mellifluous hands ultimately kicks your ego so hard that sends a relief through you as if the stubborn acne just popped.

25 years on, I am so glad I am alive, taking life as it comes, having fun in my own way even though I am surrounded by people whose superstitions seem to be, somehow, my business, too!

This blog was an idea I conceived a few years ago, but did not know how to put it in motion. So, here is my first attempt...